Department of computer science and Engineering obtained great achievement


On November 18, 2016, SUSTech held the 2nd Sports Meeting at the Athletic Field. As the newly established faculty, department of computer science and engineering didn’t have any stage fright , highlighting its edge in the fierce competition.  We made outstanding achievement due to the teacher’s hard work.
     In the men's 1500 meters, 3000 meters race, teacher Li jianping won the championship continuously with his amazing strength and perseverance which made him become the most popular athlete in the sports meeting.


Meanwhile, teacher Zhang jin got the third place through her sweat and persistence which helps Department of computer science and Engineering obtain two medals in one race. 
Long-distance race is the competition of stamina and perseverance, however , dash is the competition of explosive force . Teacher Hao Qi swayed his passion in the men’s 100 race, obtaining the second place eventually.
Besides that, teacher Han shuai and Wang qi also competed bravely and got their own honor.

1479882585327094.jpgAll of these achievements showed the majestic vitality of this newly established facult, surprising everyone in the sports meeting. A faculty with such courage and cohesion tends to overcome all the difficulties they will have and gain their own honor.                                                                                    
Writer:Li Kaiqiang