Computer Science Professor Hisao Ishibuchi Won The GECCO2017 Best Paper Award

Release Time:2017-08-24

The International Conference on ACM Genetics and Evolutionary Computation abbreviated as “GECCO” was held in Berlin, Germany, from July 15th to 17th where SUSTech Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Hisao Ishibuchi won the best paper award for his research on the “Reference Point Specification for Hyper Volume Calculation for Fair Comparison and Efficient Search”.

The evolutionary objective optimization is a very active research field in the evolution of the computer science. Currently, more than 100 algorithms have been proposed causing questions on how to slightly compare these given numbers on a completely different basis. On the paper by our estimated Professor Hisao Ishibuchi, we present a clear solution to this difficult issue by proposing a class of theoretical reference point definition methods for super-volume calculations.


Prof.Hisao Ishibuchi



It is well known that the GECCO was founded in 1999, the conference shows the highest level of scientific results towards the genetics and the evolution of computing, covering genetic algorithms, genetic programming, ant colony optimization, swarm intelligence, complex systems and evolutionary machine learning. GECCO awards only one best paper for each of its field where our Professor Hisao Ishibuchi were proudly rewarded for his evolutionary multi-objective optimization field.