FAROULT, Stéphane    Teaching Associate Professor



Room 914, Building A7, Nanshan i-Park

Research Area:

Educational Background

1983,Ecole Centrale Paris,Degree of Engineering

Professional Experience

  • 1984-1985, visiting lecturer, University of Ottawa

  • 1985-2014, senior software developer and database consultant, with forture 500 companies(such as IBM, Oracle,etc.)

  • 2013-2014, adjunct professor of computer science, French schools (ESIEA,etc.)

  • Fall 2014-spring 2016, visiting faculty, Kansas State University, US

Honors & Awards

◆ Technical reviewer for Oracle and Open Source, by Andy Duncan and Sean Hull (O’Reilly, 2000)

◆ Technical reviewer for Database in Depth, by Chris Date (O’Reilly, 2005)

◆ Technical reviewer and preface for Beginning Database Design by Clare Churcher (Apress, 2007), and reviewer for the 2nd edition too (2012)

◆ Technical reviewer for Oracle 12c Performance Tuning Recipes by Sam Alapati,Darl Kuhn and Bill Padfield (APress, 2013)

◆ Technical reviewer for Expert T-SQL Window Functions in SQL Server by KathiKellenberger (Apress,2015)

◆ Technical reviewer for Next Generation Databases: NoSQL and Big Data by Guy Harrison (Apress, 2015)

Selected Publication

In French:

“Fortran Structuré et Méthodes Numériques” (with Didier Simon), - Dunod/Bopré, 1986

In English:

“The Art of SQL”, O’Reilly, 2006 (published in Chinese as SQL语言艺术)

“Refactoring SQL Applications”, O’Reilly, 2008 (published in Chinese as  SQL应用重构)

“SQL Success”, RoughSea, 2013

“Getting the Message Across”, Apress, 2016