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Training Scheme

1. Introduction to the Department

Computer Science is one of specialties with great developing potential, seeing an acute shortage of advanced talents. With the rapid development of computer technology and the modernization of enterprises, the phenomenon will become more and more serious. The society urgently needs high-quality talents due to the intensive, permeability, interdisciplinary integration, technology innovation, and the fierce competition in the market in current and future periods of time. 

2. Objectives

Computer Science and Engineering will cultivate high-quality science and technology interdisciplinary students with firm professional theory knowledge, mastering the frontier computer system design principle, possessing corresponding research and development ability, and capable of utilizing English and computer technology. These graduates with the corresponding research ability are well competent to the various positions including the design of computer systems, application of computer. They can continue to study for a computer related graduate degree as well. One can serve in computer teaching, scientific research and application in scientific research department, education units, enterprises, business, technology and administrative management, service industry sectors.

3. The schooling、degree conferred and credits required of graduation

1. The schooling:Four years. According to the credit system management, implement flexible learning.

2. Degree: Students who complete and meet the major requirements of undergraduate training scheme will be awarded bachelor's degree.

3. Credit requirement: The minimum requirement for Bachelor: 146.5

4. Major Disciplines

Category: Engineering

Disciplines:Computer science and engineering

Major Disciplines:Computer science and engineering

5. Major compulsory course 

Embedded system and microcomputer principle, Artificial intelligence, Computer networks, Database principle, Object-oriented analysis and design, Operating systems, Software engineering, Intelligent Robot and so on.

6. Main internship course

Main internship include: industrial practice ( junior year during summer vacation ),undergraduate innovative experiments (undergraduate who earned high marks would get an opportunity to be engaged in scientific research in  professor's laboratory) and academic competitions in domestic and overseas. 

7. Course structure distribution and the minimum credit requirement: 

General knowledge and common learned compulsory courses: 66.5 credits

General knowledge and common learned elective courses: 10 credits

Major foundation courses: 20 credits

Major core courses : 27 credits

Major elective courses: 11 credits

Practice course (including graduation thesis, innovative projects and industrial practice): 12 credits

The minimum requirement credits for graduation: 146.5 credits